The Teenage Years


Hey!  I hope you're having an awesome week so far. Things are crazy as usual around the Jacobs' household. Some of you may have passed this season already. But, if you haven't yet hit the "two teenagers and a pre-teen" (or similar) phase of life, all I can say is, holy cow it's busy!! I say "two teenagers" because my oldest daughter who is pictured here turns thirteen this week, putting us in the dreaded thirteen year-old daughter camp! However, while this time of life used to give me nightmares, causing me wake up screaming in a cold sweat, Judi and I are actually super fired up about watching this little lady step into the journey toward adulthood. So, if you're not there yet, don't fear the impending teenage years. Here are a few things, however, we've learned about this phase. It's certainly not an exhaustive list, and I'm sure you could add more, but when you've got (multiple) teenagers:

1.  You're Always Driving. I'm serious, if Judi and I became Uber drivers and charged our kids a fare we'd be multi-millionaires by now. Don't get me wrong, we don't take our kids wherever they want to go, but there's always something going on: Student Ministry at Compass every Tuesday night (of course!), lessons, dentist appointments, birthday parties, games, meets, performances... sometimes they even want to hang out with their friends!

2.  There's Never Enough Food! Judi gets back from the store and I think she went prepper on me. Why did no one tell me about the impending zombie apocalypse? Where are we going to store this for the next ten years? Then, magically, after three days, IT'S ALL GONE! How?? Why??

3.  Don't Walk Around The House in a condition you wouldn't want the whole world to see you in, because they're likely FaceTiming somebody! "Dad, holy cow, put some clothes on!" Don't get me wrong, I'm not going au natural in my abode, but I didn't expect three of their closest friends to effectively be in the kitchen and staring at me at 8:30 at evening. How silly of me.

4.  Someone Always Needs Money for Something: Picture day, uniforms, movies, braces, clothes, food (mentioned in #2). Which I guess is good. After all, this allows me to merely think about making foolish financial decisions without actually having the capacity to go through with them!

5.  You Can't Stop Them From Growing. If you're like me, the day will come when your son looks down on you (see picture above), which is why you keep going to the gym and making sure the alpha-male status remains unquestioned. Then the day comes, guys, when your daughter wants to borrow clothes from your wife, which means she's starting to look like a young lady, which you neither asked for nor wanted. But it happens. When it does, it's not your fault. It's God's fault. He made the DNA. He programmed the whole thing. So deal with it.

6.  They Want to Drive - Your Car. What? It seems like yesterday they were facing backwards in a padded plastic bucket spitting all over place, now they want to sit in your seat on I-10?? Sorry if I'm just a little apprehensive. "Oh, it's not you, dear, it's the other drivers that worry me." Nope, it is you that worries me. But, referring back to #5, what can you do? Besides, you can really take care of #1 once they get a license!

7.  Compass Church is the Center of Our Lives. All kidding aside, it really is a huge blessing to be at this church. Each person in our family has drawn life, encouragement, friendship, meaning, and purpose from the ministry here. Someday when we look back on our lives this place will be the constant in a flurry of change and growth that never seems to end. Judi and I are so glad that our kids are "Pastor's Kids" in such a healthy and gracious church! So for that we are grateful to you!

So I'd say that truthfully, this Is the most awesome stage yet! Judi and I love the season our kids are in. We have the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with them about God, life, love, the future, the past, and everything else that emerging adults start to really ponder. And while we've never been "ready" for how quickly things change, we've tried to trust God and step up to the challenge and do our best. We're certainly not perfect, but we hope at the end of the day our kids will see Jesus in us and put him first in their lives no matter what.

So this time around I wanted you to get a little glimpse into our world so hopefully you'll see that we've got chaos and craziness just like you. But we're all on the journey together, right? See you this weekend!

Together with You,

Pastor Tim