NEXT Initiative Expansion Project

Our first expansion project in the NEXT Initiative is complete and we are excited about the opportunities for ministry that the new facilities will provide. In addition to the enhanced outdoor fellowship area in the courtyard, we have added an additional 4000 sq ft of space for our children and students.

While our property is right around ten acres, we’ve only built on about 4.5. Compass Church has a master plan is to maximize the number of people we can accommodate on 


our campus, while trying to capture open space and create an aesthetically inspiring property that our congregation can be proud of and our community can be grateful for. We want everyone who drives by our new facility to feel invited to come in and if nothing else, say, “I’m glad they built that!” “NEXT is about investing in the future, investing in our facilities & investing in our community.”

CampusOverview2As you begin to learn more about Compass Church, you will start to understand that our purpose here is not to simply build more structures, but rather to expand our ability to reach people with the truth about Jesus.

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