United Men's Ministry

"A just war is in the long run far better for a man's soul than the most prosperous peace." - Theodore Roosevelt

Every man has a battle to fight. But many are standing on the sidelines, while what's most important to them becomes threatened.

At Compass, we value manliness. We value the role of the man in the home and the workplace. We strive to bring men together - to unite them - so that they can better fight the battles to which God has called them. The battle for his character, for his bride, and for his family.

Through events such as off-roading, target shooting, and camping, we bring men together in ways that don't happen on a Sunday morning.

Every week there are opportunities for guys to hang out with each other, before or after work, over breakfast or dinner. Email men@compasschurchaz.com to find out when and where a group is meeting.

Men's Breakfast - 6:00am, Wednesdays